Drilling Spool Forging

Drilling Spool Forging

Intermediate frequency heat treatment quenching furance;
Medium frequency heat treatment tempering furnace;
Four pillars multiple use press machine;
Band sawing machine;

Product Details

Drilling spool is designed to allow smooth circulation of mud in well and BOP hook up. Drilling spools usually have the same nominal end connections and same nominal side outlet connection but it can be different as per the customer's requirements.

Drilling spools can be supplied in all standard API 6A sizes and types with any combination of flange or hub sizes, material grades, prssure rating and PSL level. Each drilling spool is manufactured to the customer's requirements. Welding performed conform to the applicable API standard and the provisions of ASME Section IX. Each spool is drift tested to ensure that access to the well-bore is not restricted.

Basic material of construction is alloy steel. For corrosion resistance, overlays like SS316L or Inconel 625 can be incorporated to improve product life if required.

XOOS Drilling Spool Forging Features:

* Made from high-strength alloy and processed specially with heating treatment;

* Designed and manufactured with reference to API 6A technical specifications;

* Fit for hydrogen sulfide H2S resistant service, manufactured with reference to NACEMR 0175 technical specifications;

* Top & bottom connections and outlets per customer design requirements by either flanged or clamp connections.

* Used for high-pressure drilling, in conjunction with flat valve for preventing blowout and connecting BOP.

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