Seamless Stainless Steel ASTM A312 TP347H Pipe

Seamless Stainless Steel ASTM A312 TP347H Pipe

OD Range: 10.3~914mm (1/8''~36'');
WT Range: 0.5~70mm;
Application: Refineries; Nuclear Plant; Aerospace Industry; Chemical Fertilizer; Petrochemicals' Oli & Gas and etc.

Product Details

 A pipe without a seam or weld is known as seamless pipe. 347H seamless pipe can withstand high mechanical stress and high pressure; can work in high temperatures and corrosive environments. Stainless steel seamless pipe is formed by drawing a solid metal billet over a piercing rod to create a hollow tube. Seamless pipe is then processed and finished as per dimension standard ANSI B36.10 and ANSI B36.19 and B36.19M in different wall thickness and sizes ranging from SCH 10 to XXS. 347H seamless pipes have varied applications in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, argo-chemical, aerospace, desalination, food and beverage, sugar, distillery, power generation, cement, petroleum refinery, mechanical and structural, food processing , etc.


1. Standards:
ASTM A312 Standard Specification for Seamless, Welded, and Heavily Cold Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes


2. Materials & Manufacture

Pipe shall be either hot finished or cold finished;

The pipe shall be free of scale and contaminating exogenous iron particles. Pickling, blasting, or surface finishing is not mandatory when pipe is bright annealed.


3. Chemical Requirements

Chemical Composition %
GradeUNS DesignationCMnPSSiCrNiMoOther


4. Tensile Requirements

Tensile Requirements
GradeUNS DesignationTensile Strength, min
ksi (Mpa)
Yield Strength, min
TP347HS3470975 (515)30 (205)

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