Stainless Steel Control Line

Stainless Steel Control Line

· Down hole tubes
· Subsea umbilical’s
· Process constructions
· General control system
· Steam supply lines
· Gas transport lines

Product Details

Our leading products are stainless steel control line with high pressure and super length. Stainless steels exhibit excellent forming and welding characteristics. Stainless steel seamless coiled tubing final surface is bright annealed.


For the control of product quality, the company owns complete stainless steel element test equipment, 250Mpa hydraulic universal testing machine, straightened precision roller, and ultrasonic tester of detector, eddy current flow detector, tension tester and the most advanced test and inspection equipment for stainless steel tubes. All these equipment ensure the stability and reliability of material, size, surface, state and straightness of the stainless steel control lines.

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Hydrostatic test for each coil and conform to ASTM standards and requested specifications.


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