High Pressure Stainless Steel Control Line

High Pressure Stainless Steel Control Line

Application fields:
* General control system
* Steam supply lines
* Gas transport lines
* Instrumentation
* Down hole tubes
* Subsea umbilical’s
* Process constructions

Product Details

High pressure stainless steel control line is also called capillary tube,which is mainly used in under well for oil and gas capillary pressure testing, using temperature and pressure sensors (also called permanent downhole pressure gauge, generally for nitrogen cylinder), together with the oil and gas well production string down to thousands of meters of oil and gas layer, then connecting the 1/8 hydraulic control line (capillary) from temperature and pressure sensors to the CRT display, by this way the downhole temperature and pressure can reached the ground & display on CRT screen through, it could realize the real-time monitoring of downhole temperature and pressure,besides,It can also be used for pressure control of ground safety valve and other ground valves, as well as various connection pipelines of instrument control system for large equipment in oil and gas field drilling and oil production.


Inspection methods:


Eddy current test; Hydrostatic test; Radiographically testing for all orbital joints; Mechanical properties;  Chemical composition; Visual inspection; final packing inspection


*Hydrostatic test for each coil and conform to ASTM standards and requested specifications.

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