Alloy Steel Control Line

Alloy Steel Control Line

Material: Incoloy 825, 625;
OD: 1/8''~1/2'';
WT: 0.025''~0.065'';
Length: 50 ~ 4000 meters;

Product Details

Seamless control lines are used in SCSSV, Chemical Injection, and Advanced Well Completions. Seamless tubes provide another tubing solution for our customer's complex well designs. The most common uses for Seamless line tend to be shorter length applications whereby no orbital welds are required.

With high pressure and super length from 1/8” to 1/2” OD and a variety of wall thicknesses in loose bulk wound coils or reeled on wooden drum. The alloy steel control lines are mainly applied in petroleum industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, natural gas, and etc. Nickel alloys have high corrosion resistance and temperature strength.


· Down hole tubes

· Subsea umbilical's

· Process constructions 

· General control system

· Steam supply lines

· Gas transport lines

· Instrumentation

Hydrostatic test for each coil and conform to ASTM standards and requested specifications.


MaterialODWall Thickness (inch)Working Pressure (MPa)Length (M/Reel)
incoloy825, incoloy6251/8”0.025”,   0.035”, 0.049”80--12050--4000
incoloy825, incoloy6251/4”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--3000
incoloy825, incoloy6253/8”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--2500
incoloy825, incoloy6251/2”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--2000

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