ASTM A213 T91 Steel Pipes

ASTM A213 T91 Steel Pipes

Material: ASTM A213 T91;
Length: 4 to 12 meters fixed or random length;
Tensile strength min: 85ksi/585MPa;
Yield strength min: 60ksi/145MPa;

Product Details

XOOS is providing T91 Boiler Pipe & Seamless hot finished tubes and pipes for utility boilers, industrial boilers and heat recovery steam generators. The T91 tubes and pipes are supplied in random lengths or in fixed lengths to be analysed and agreed at time of order, in the range between 4,000 mm and 12,000 mm depending on the size.


1. Application:
Power plant; Boilers; Heat-Exchangers; Chemical Fertilizer; Petrochemicals; Offshore Oils; Gas Productions; Refineries and etc.


2. Standards:
ASTM A213 Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler, Superheater, and Heat-Exchanger Tubes


3. Chemical Requirements

Chemical Requirements
GradeUNS DesignationComposition, %
CMnpSSiCrMoOther Elements
T91K909010.07-0.140.30-0.600.020.010.20-0.508.0-9.50.85-1.05V 0.18-0.25
N 0.030-0.070
Ni 0.40 max
Al 0.04max
Nb 0.06-0.1


4. Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength min: 85ksi/585MPa

Yield Strength min: 60ksi/145MPa


5. Heat Treatment Requirements

Heat Treatment Requirements
GradeUNS NumberHeat Treat TypeAustenitizing/Solutioning Temperature min or rangeCooling MediaSubcritical Annealing or Tempering Temperature
min or range °F 【°C】
T91K90901normalize and temper1900°F【1040°C】1350°F【730°C】

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