ASME SA335 Gr. P22 Pipe

ASME SA335 Gr. P22 Pipe

Standard: ASME SA335
Size Range: OD: 88.9~1422mm (3''~56''); WT: 2.11~140mm (Sch 10 and above);
Tensile Strength min.: 60ksi / 415MPa;
Yield Strength min.: 30ks / 205MPa;

Product Details

A335 P22 (SA-213 T22) is mainly used in steam pipeline, 300 600MW large capacity power plant boiler tube wall temperature are less than 580 of the superheater and the tube wall temperature are less than 540 of the wall and the header, A335 P22 has been widely used in the United States, Japan and Europe, has a long history in power plant operation that is a mature steel stable performance, good process performance.


1. Standards

ASME SA335 ——Specification for Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service


2. Application
Power plant; Chemical Fertilizer; Petrochemicals; Offshore Oils; Gas Productions; Refineries and etc.

3.Dimensional Tolerance

Pipe typesOD (mm)ToleranceWT (mm)Tolerance
High Pressure Boiler Tube219~457±1.0%≤20-10% ~ +12.5%
20~40-10% +10%
457~1422±0.9%>40~70-7%, +9%
>70~20-6%, +8%

4.Chemical Requirements

Chemical Requirements



Composition, %
P22K215900.05-0.150.30-0.600.0250.0250.50 max1.90-2.600.87-1.13...


Each pipe shall be ultrasonically examined full section over its entire length. If it is not possible to perform the examination prior to the pieces being cut to final length, the area on each end of each piece not accessible for examination (dead zone), if any, shall be examined by a procedure approved by customers that employs a nondestructive examination method.