A335 P12 Pipes

A335 P12 Pipes

Material: P12;
Standard: ASTM A335;
Size available: OD: 88.9~1422mm; WT: 2.11~140mm;
Manufacture: Hot rolled or Cold drawn

Product Details

SA335 P12 pipe is in the American standard, which a kind of seamless alloy steel pipe. ASME SA335 P12 seamless alloy steel pipe Processing is Cold finished or hot finished, resistant to high and low temperature or Corrosion-resistant in the oil, chemical, electric powder industry.

1. Chemical Requirements

Chemical Requirements



Composition, %
P12K115620.05-0.150.30-0.610.0250.0250.50 max0.80-1.250.44-0.65...

2.  Ordering Information

Quantity (feet, meters, or number of lengths),

Name of material (seamless alloy steel pipe),

Grade (P12),

Manufacture (hot-finished or cold-drawn),

Size using one of the following:

NPS and schedule number;

Outside diameter and nominal wall thickness;

Outsider diameter and minimum wall thickness;

Inside diameter and nominal wall thickness;

Inside Diameter and minimum wall thickness.

Length (specific or random)

End finish (plain end or bevel end)

3. Supplementary Requirements

S1. Product Analysis

Product analysis shall be made on each length of pipe. Individual lengths failing to conform to the chemical composition requirements shall be rejected.

S2. Transverse Tension Tests

A transverse tesnion test shall be made on a specimen from one end or both ends of each pipe NPS 8 and over. If this supplementary requirement is specified, the number of tests per pipe shall also be specified. If a specimen from any length fails to meet the required tensile properties (tensile, yield, and elongation), that length shall be rejected subject to retreatment in accordance with Specification A999/A999M and satisfactory retest.

S3. Flattening Test

S4. Metal Structure and Etching Tests

S5. Photomicrographs

S6. Photomicrographs for Individual Pieces

S7. Alternative Heat Treatment -Grade P91

S8. Melting Practice - Grades P2 and P12

Specific limits, if any, on grain size or deoxidation practice shall be a matter of agreement between the manufacturer and purchaser.

4. Standards:
ASTM A335 Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service