Three Ball Fisher

Three Ball Fisher

OD range: 95~143mm;
Connection: 2 3/8TBG, NC31, NC38;
Hole Size: 4 1/2'', 5'', 5 1/2'', 6 1/2'';

Product Details

Three ball fisher is a professional fishing tool to catch sucker-rod coupling or its upset shoulder. It consist of barrel, steel ball, spring and guide shoe etc. After the sucker rod with coupling or shoulder embedding guide shoe, the coupling or shoulder push the steel ball then increase in circle of three ball. After coupling or shoulder passed three balls, the balls falls back because of gravity, then lift drill string, the coupling or shoulder will be block by those three balls due to bigger size, which will clamping sucker rod from radial direction.



Out side OD
    mm (inch) 



Apply of hole
952 3/8TBG 5/8, 3/4 Sucker rod shoulder collar 4 1/2
952 3/8TBG 7/8, 1 Sucker rod shoulder collar 4 1/2
1022 3/8TBG 5/8, 3/4 Sucker rod shoulder collar 5
108NC31  1 1/8 Sucker rod shoulder collar 5
114NC31 2 3/8 tubing coupling 5 1/2
143NC38  2 7/8 tubing coupling 6 1/2 


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