Sliding Block Spear

Sliding Block Spear

Sliding Block Spear
OD: 73~175mm;
Connection:2 3/8TBG; NC26, NC31, NC38;
Fishing ID: 38~168.1mm;

Product Details

 Sliding block spear is an inside fishing tool for fishing the junk internally such as fishing drill pipe, tubing, washover pipe, liner, packer, water distributor etc, and it also can do back off operation for the stuck junk or used with other tools ( such as jar and back off tool).


Fishing IDAllowed pulling power KN OAL 
mminchmminchmm   (inch)
HLM-D (S) 48732.8742-3/8TBG381.496170550 (21.65)
    650 (25.59)
    750 (29.53)
    800 (31.496)
    1000 (39.371)
    1200 (47.244)
    1500 (59.055)
    1800 (70.866)
    2000 (78.740)
HLM-D (S) 60863.386NC2642~53.81.654-2.118314
HLM-D (S) 73863.386NC2652.6~642.07-2.52540
HLM-D (S) 731054.134NC3152.6~642.07-2.52540
HLM-D (S) 89863.386NC2664.1~77.92.523-3.067886
HLM-D (S) 891054.134NC3164.1~77.92.523-3.067886
HLM-D (S) 1021054.134NC3177.6~92.13.055-3.6261147
HLM-D (S) 1141214.764NC3890~102.53.543-4.0352246
HLM-D (S) 1271214.764NC38103~117.84.055-4.6382746
HLM-D (S) 1401355.315NC38115.7~129.34.555-5.0913854
HLM-D (S) 1681656.496NC38138.3~156.35.445-6.1535384
HLM-D (S) 1781756.89NC38152.3~168.15.996-6.6185928

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