ITCO Junk Basket

ITCO Junk Basket

ITCO Junk Basket; Size: 5 15/16''~15'' Connection: NC38, NC50, 6 5/8REG; 7 5/8REG

Product Details

ITCO junk basket is used to catch small junks from down hole, such as ball, tong, cone, cutters, hand tools, iron junk, etc. The principle is to use the mud of inverse well flushing with large circulating rate, high pressure to shock down hole. So the junk suspensions move to impulse the basket into the cylinder. When stop the pump, the basket set back to prevent the junk out of the basket.

TypeODConnection   APIWell bore rangeOAL 
LL-P1461515 15/16NC38155.6~165.16 1/8~6 1/2137654 11/64
LL-P2002058  5/64NC50212.7~241.38 3/8~9 1/2176669 17/32
LL-P25725710 1/86 5/8REG273~295.310 3/4~11 5/8177069 11/16
LL-P28028611 1/46 5/8REG298.5~311.211 3/4~12 1/4184672 43/64
LL-P381381157 5/8REG406.4~444.516~17 1/2178070  5/64

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