Double Way Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Double Way Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Tool OD: From 95mm to 279mm;
Type: double way hydraulic shock absorber

Product Details

Double way hydraulic shock absorber is worked with cone bit or abrasiveness core bit to absorb the shock force in vertical and axial direction. It can not only absorb and reduce the vertical shock force and load, but also can absorb and reduce the axial shock loading, so that keep the normal bit pressure and torque. It is better than normal shock absorber on increasing bit working life, protecting the drilling tools and ground equipments, reducing the drilling costs and increasing the drilling efficiency. It is an ideal shock absorber for drill string.  




Max. Stroke


mm (inch)

mm (inch)

mm (inch)

Double Way Hydraulic Shock Absorber

178 (7)


100 (4)



We also provide H2S resistance Jars, which adopt high quality import sulfur-resistance material.


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