Mechanical Shock Absorber

Mechanical Shock Absorber

Type: mechanical shock absorber;
Size: 2'', 2 1/4'', 7''
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Product Details

Mechanical shock absorber is an absorbing tool acting as vertical absorbing function when drilling with cone bits or abrasive coring bits. It can absorb or slow down vertical shocking and impact load of drill stem when drilling, thereby keep normal drilling pressure, prolong working life of drill bit, protect drilling tools and surface equipments, decrease drilling cost, increase drilling efficiency. 

JQ-DH uses butterfly spring as elastic element, it is different from hydraulic shock absorber using silicon oil and other fluid as working medium, its working property doesn't be effected by working environment, this mechanical type shock absorber is a new R&D tool made by our factory and a foreign company, it has the advantages of simple structure, reliable working, convenient operation and maintenance, good absorbing effect, long working life and high property, it’s one of the most widely used drilling tools oversea.



Mechanical Shocker Absorber

exradius OD


7 inch

inradius ID


2-1/4 inch

Max. stroke


2 inch

Max. working pressure


Max. working torque


Max working pull


Max. length


103-3/16 inch


API 4-1/2IF

Working temperature


We also provide H2S resistance Jars, which adopt high quality import sulfur-resistance material.


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