Hydraulic Drilling Jar

Hydraulic Drilling Jar

Size: 4 3/4'', 6 1/2'', 8'';
Connection: NC38, NC50, 6 5/8REG;

Product Details

Type III Hydraulic Drilling Jar is a releasing tool use for releasing stuck drill stem. It integrates upward jarring with downward jarring, the delay function can help it store energy by elastic stretch of drill stem before shock force release, so as to achieve the best effect of shock. When use it underground, the up and down jarring force can be provided by lifting and releasing drill stem and adjusted freely in the allowable range. This tool has reliable performance, easy operation etc. advantages, can be widely used in drilling, coring, fishing, maintenance, and other underground works.

We also produce H2S resistance Jars, which adopt high quality import sulfur-resistance material.







Max.  Tensile Load


Max.   Upward Jarring Force(KN)Max.   Downward Jarring Force(KN)Full   Open Length
121(4   3/4)44.5(1   3/4)NC383503501806063
165(6 1/2)57(2 1/4)NC507007003506323
203(8)70(2 3/4)6 5/8REG100010005006672


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