Hydraulic Power Swivels

Hydraulic Power Swivels

Power swivel standard: API 8C spec.
Swivel Models: SL70, SL110, SL135, SL160, SL225,SL450.

Product Details

Power Swivel is the device installing on the derrick of servicing rig, to provide rotating power. Except the use for such workover jobs as casing milling, milling, drilling cement plug and bridge plug and fishing, it is also used for sidetracking drilling, drilling open hole and coring. The product is designed and manufactured according to API 8C specifications.

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Swivels are necessary hoisting tools for hanging drill pipe and jointing hose in well repairing. There are type SL35, SL60, SL90 and SL135. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A/8C.



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