Tool Structure Of All-metal Downhole Vibration Tool

- Apr 26, 2018-

Tool structure of all-metal downhole vibration tool

l  Power section adopts large-aperture low-speed turbo or rotary cam. (with characteristic of large fluid circulation area and large gap caused by rotation following the flow direction).

l  The amplitude of vibration sub is 3-15mm, making drilling tools crawl at high frequency to effectively relieve the pressure drop.

l  During operation, the rotary valve disc changes fluid circulation area to generate periodic hydraulic impact force.

l  The compensation system can effectively increase impact force, reduce pressure drop of tools, increase the reliability of tools. It can also quantificationally adjust impact force and pressure drop according to service conditions.



Tool Principle Introduction

Drilling fluid drives power section to rotate at high speed



Power section drives rotary valve to rotate at high speed


Periodic change in flow area of rotary valve disc.


Generate periodical hydraulic pressure


       Convert into periodic vibration force and tool amplitude through vibration part, drive the drill pipe into action to relieve the pressure drag.


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