The Application Of Alloy Steel Pipe

- Jan 02, 2018-


As we all known, alloy steel pipe plays an important role in steel products, which can be divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe based on manufacturing technique and tube billet shape. The main applications of alloy steel pipe is power station, nuclear power plant, high pressure boiler, high temperature super heater and re-heater coil etc. of high temperature pipeline and equipments.


Do you know why the application of alloy steel pipe is wider than others

For the most case, it is not necessary to use the alloy steel pipe for users, but many users tend to choose alloy steel pipe, user make their choices will have their own reasons, alloy steel pipe application has its own advantages. Compared with transmission lines made of other materials, after satisfied the basic application requirements, quantity of alloy steel pipe is lighter, then in the practical application of ally steel pipe. And which is also 100% recycled, it is suitable for the national strategy of environmental protection, energy-saving and resource-saving. Therefore, the national policy encourages the expansion of the high pressure alloy steel pipe applications.


Do you know what requirements should alloy steel pipe application meet

Alloy steel pipe can transport kinds of gases or liquids productions. High temperature resistant and low temperature resistant is the tolerance of temperature. In the practical application of alloy steel pipe, there will be many materials need to be transported. However their temperatures are not the same. So this can be the basic requirement to alloy steel pipe. It needs more corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistant material is the best material during transporting, because it is corrosion resistant. So it can be used in more occasions. And it is definitely very convenient for users.

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