Key Boiler Pipes Used For Ultra Supercritical Power Plants

- Sep 26, 2018-

High-parameter, large-capacity ultra-supercritical thermal power plant is the best choice for thermal power plant. It is the best way to adjust power supply structure, protect environment, and save primary energy. Boiler is the equipment of thermal power plant. With the increase of boiler steam parameters and single unit capacity, more stringent requirements are imposed on boiler pipes.


Four steam pipelines are the key components of power plant, including high temperature reheat steam pipeline (hot section), low temperature reheat steam pipeline (cold section) and high pressure water supply pipeline. The mechanical properties and high temperature resistant properties of the pipe material will directly influence the safety and reliability of power plant.


SA213-T91 material can be used for superheater and reheater tubes with wall temperature ≤ 600°C. SA335-P91 material can be used for header and steam pipes with wall temperature  ≤ 600°C.

While it was discovered that when the temperature exceeds 600°C, T91 and P91 cannot meet the requirements of long term safe operation. In the unit with heavy peaking tasks, the fatigue failure of pipe is also a big problem. When the pipe is operated at high temperature for a long time, the accumulation of damage before the occurrence of a large number of creeping cavities becomes a more important problem. While new steel grades have been developed and used in large boiler high temperature parts, such as SA213-T92, SA335-P92, SA213-T122, SA335-P122.


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