China Steel Industry Hit By Heavy Cold-Rolled Steel Duties, The Little Effect For Korean And Russian’s Imports

- Jan 12, 2018-

Recently, announced by the USA Commerce Department, its affirmative preliminary determinations for the countervailing duty investigations of imports of cold rolled steel flat products from Brazil, China, India, and Russia, and its negative preliminary determination in the CVD investigation of imports of cold rolled steel flat products from South Korea.

The investigations involve in cold-rolled, flat-rolled steel products. It should come as no surprise that the largest subsidies are being assigned to Chinese importers.

Chinese Imports Encounter a Hit  

In the China investigation, Commerce preliminarily determined that mandatory respondents Angang Group Hong Kong and Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Special Steel and, a non-cooperative exporter Commerce’s term for companies that do not respond to requests for information in the investigation  Quanah Golden Point Trading, received whopping subsidy rates of 227.29%.

All other exporters of cold-rolled steel flat products from China will be subject to that same subsidy rate of 227.29%. The rates are based on adverse facts available. Commerce determined that the Government of the People’s Republic of China, and the mandatory respondents, did not fully cooperate in the investigation.