CNG Jumbo Cylinder

CNG Jumbo Cylinder

Manufacture processing: Three-dimensional cold rolling + Hot spinning
Types: Stationary Ground Storage & Movable
Shapes: Cylindrical & Spherical
Applicable gas: CNG, hydrogen etc.

Product Details

XOOS is providing gas cylinder with OD 559mm and 715mm.


CNG jumbo cylinders are also called CNG large volume seamless steel gas cylinder, mainly used for both Stationary Storage & multi-model transportation. The designs, manufactures and tests in accordance with the requirements of international standards: ASME VIII、ISO 11120-1999、DOT  SP8009、Q321088HGF 005-2012.


Applicable gas: CNG, hydrogen

Applicable field: Natural Gas Fueling Station, Gas Storage Station, Marine storage cylinders, High pressure natural gas, hydrogen transport, etc.

Manufacturing Process:

Raw Material Inspection → Cold Centering → Heating → Piercing & Rolling → Cold rolling →

Heat Treatment → Testing → Straightening → NDE → Visual & Dimension Inspection →

Hot Spinning → Heat Treatment → Lab Testing → Hydro & NDE Testing → Storing & Shipping

Technology Advantage:

The World’s Largest Cold Rolling Mill with φ960mm: Three Dimensional cold rolling, with high dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties of isotropic uniform, high finished product rate and low cost.

Cylinder TypesOD   (mm)WT   (mm)Length   (m)
Cold-rolled Seamless559 (22'')12~306~11.7


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