Rotor and Stator

Elastomer Type:
Conventional Type
High Temperature Resistance Type
Super Hard Type
DN New Type

Product Details

With advanced instruments and equipment, excellent process and special surface treatment technology, which has effectively ensured machining precision. Flow area is effectively increased by 10%~20% and rotational speed is improved. Working pressure drop is reduced and the working pumping pressure is reduced accordingly, improving the drilling safety performance. Optical selection of raw material and improved formula ensure high quality rubbers, available for different drilling environments.


Elastomer Type: 

--Conventional Type. Excellent performance has been proven especially when used for oil-based mud (crude oil mud, white oil mud, and diesel oil mud) with larger torque, longer service life. It has been widely used in China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran and India.

--High Temperature Resistance Type. It is resistant to 170°C, widely used in Xinjiang Province of China with stable performance, large torque and long service life.

--Super Hard Type. Stable performance has been proven especially when used for water-based mud, with only 0.4% size variation after 800 hours working, with more than 1000 hours working life in Russia and India.

--DN New Type. It is with better wear-resistance performance; tensile strength is improved by more than 30%, torque is improved by more than 35%, performance is more stable, service life is longer.

This high performance rubber is specially developed for CBM well. Matching with non-magnetic downhole motor, it could achieve larger.

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