4 3/4 Inch Downhole Motor

4 3/4 Inch Downhole Motor

Trade Term: FOB, CFR, CIF available;
Package: in wooden box;
Delivery: ex-work 50 days in general;

Product Details

4 3/4" SDMM (120mm downhole motor)

-Complete with bearing assembly;

-Having bit box connection 3 1/2’’ REG;

-Screw on stabilizer 5 7/8’’ straight 4 Nos. blades;

-Adjustable assy, connecting rod assy;

-Power section having configuration 4/5 lobes, 6.0 stages;

-With catch rod mechanism & crossover sub having box connection 3 1/2’’ IF;

-Stator elastomer compatible to resist temperature up to 120 deg C.

Please contact sales@xoosc.com for customization.


NameDownhole Motor
Model4LZ120 x 7.0/6
SizeФ120 (Stabilizer   Ф149)
Minor   DiameterФ57.60 mm
Lobes of   Stator5
Wave   Crest-Trough ODФ57.94 mm
Lobes of Rotor4
Trough Chrome   plating thickness0.08mm
Crest Chrome   plating thickness0.20mm
Stator & Rotor Interference0.34mm
Pressure Difference Inspection5.5MPa
Connected   Thread Up3 1/2'' IF
Connected   Thread Down3 1/2'' REG