ASTM A53 Pipes

ASTM A53 Pipes

Standard: ASTM A53
Material: A53 Gr. A, A53 Gr. B
Application: steam, water, gas and air lines
Length: fixed or random

Product Details


Galvanized pipe ordered under ASTM A53 Specification shall be coated with zinc inside and outside by the hot-dip process. The zinc used for coating shall be any grade of zinc conforming to Specification B6.


Weight (Mass) per Unit Area of Coating Test- The weight (mass) per unit area of zinc coating shall be determined by stripping tests in accordance with Test Method A90/A90M.


Test Specimens-Test specimens for determination of weight (mass) per unit area of coating shall be taken, one from each end of one length of galvanized pipe selected at random from each lot of 500 lengths, or fraction thereof, of each size.

1. Standard: ASTM A53 Standard specification for pipe, steel, black and hot-dipped, zinc-coated, welded and seamless

2. Application:

Steam, water, gas and air lines;

Refinery, Boiler and Mechanical equipment manufacture;

Structure construction; drilling, ship building and etc.


3. Chemical Requirements

Chemical Requirements
GradeComposition, %
 C Mn P S CuNi Cr Mo V
Grade A0.250.950.050.0450.400.400.400.150.08
Grade B0.301.200.050.0450.400.400.400.150.08


4. Mechanical Properties 

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength, min:

Yield strength, min:



5. Test Methods

The test specimens and the tests shall conform to those described in the latest issue of Test Methods and Definitions A370.

Each longitudinal tension test specimen shall be taken from a pipe end and shall not be flattened between the gage marks.

Test specimens for bend tests and flattening test shall be taken from pipe. Test specimens for flattening tests shall be smooth on the ends and free from burrs.

Tests shall be conducted at room temperature.


6. Available Size Range

88.9~14223''~ 56''2.11~140≥SCH10
*If the steel grades and size you are looking for are not listed above, please contact for further information.